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Languages > Vietnamese > Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese (Paperback)
Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese (Paperback)

Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese (Paperback)
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Unravel the mystery of Vietnamese script

In the Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese, you learn to decipher and read a new script by learning 100 primary words in Vietnamese. Covering the language of Vietnam, this new addition to the Your First 100 Words In series can be used as a supplement for language courses or for independent learning.

Unravel the riddle of Vietnamese script

Finally overcome that major obstacle stopping you from making a start in Vietnamese--comprehending its alphabet! Whether you're learning on your own or in a class, thanks to Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese you will no longer beperplexed by the numerous accents and tonal marks. Each of these basic words is clearly presented in its Vietnamese alphabet, along with its correct pronunciation and English meaning. And every word is accompanied by a cartoon image, so you can visualize a word and remember what it means without much effort!

With help from Your First 100 Words in Vietnamese, you will:

  • Become familiar with the Vietnamese alphabet
  • Learn 100 words in eight basic topics--around the house, animals, around town, clothes, opposites, and more--so you can communicate with ease
  • Use Scriptbreaker Tips to help you crack the code as you read Vietnamese words
  • Speak Vietnamese confidently with help from the Pronunciation Guide
  • Sharpen your knowledge of Vietnamese words and their meanings and
  • pronunciations using Tear-Out Flash Cards
  • Check your progress with Extensive Games and Puzzles

    Product ID: 107087     ISBN-13: 9780071469241
    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learn > Beginners, Learn > Flash Cards
    Supporting language: Vietnamese
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • Date February 1, 2006
  • Format Paperback, 80 pages
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