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Product Types > Phrase Books > South Pacific Phrasebook (Lonely Planet) (Paperback)
South Pacific Phrasebook (Lonely Planet) (Paperback)

South Pacific Phrasebook (Lonely Planet) (Paperback)
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South Pacific Phrasebook
Full of cultural tips and hints on local protocol, the South Pacific phrasebook will help guide you through situations ranging from visiting a New Zealand marae or enjoying Tonga's Heilala celebrations, to joining in a Saomoan kava ceremony or checking out a Hawaiian hula competition. Open up communication with local greetings and conversation starters, and discover the culture through traditional dance, legend and song.

covers the languages of the Cook Islands, Easter Island, Fiji (Fijian & Fijian Hindi), Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand (Maori & NZ English), Niue, Norfolk & Pitcairn islands, Samoa, Tah

  • Favourite local dishes and traditional ways to cook up a feast
  • Maps locating each island within the region
  • Festivals, ceremonies and placenames

    Product ID: 45351     ISBN-13: 9780864425959     ISBN-10: 0864425953
    Category: Phrase Books
    Supporting languages: English, Fijian, Maori
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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