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Language Information

The Maori are the native inhabitants of New Zealand. Historically they are a Polynesian people whose original home was Tahiti. Their migration halfway across the Pacific Ocean is believed to have occurred in successive waves, the last and greatest taking place in the middle of the 14th century. Today the Maori number about 200,000, almost all of whom live on North Island. Only about half of them still speak the Maori language, which is slowly giving way to English.

Maori is spoken/used in New Zealand

Language Family
Family: Malayo-Polynesian(Austronesian)
Subgroup: Polynesian

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


To me there are two kinds of female in this world, human women, and land. These things are two, yet they are equal, women, and land. Women bring forth children, and the land sustains them. If your land is taken by strangers, you are consumed with anger, if your wife is taken by a stranger you feel that same anger. These are the two great causes of strife. Hence it is said, "By women and land were men destroyed."

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