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Languages > Gujarati > Seven Voyages of Adventurous Sinbad (Paperback)
Seven Voyages of Adventurous Sinbad (Paperback)

Seven Voyages of Adventurous Sinbad (Paperback)
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"Arabian Nights" has been published in many Indian languages for years. Among these stories, "Sinbad" is a favorite. The colorful illustrations attract children's attention as well as imagination. Written in Gujarati.

They are a series of stories told by Sindbad, a merchant of Baghdad, about seven fantastic journeys he has made. In the course of them he suffers many disasters from which he always makes a miraculous escape, often using great ingenuity and cunning. He encounters giant birds, huge serpents, cannibals and other monsters; he is buried alive and he is sold into slavery. Despite his many misfortunes he always manages to amass a fortune and return home a rich man.

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Categories: Children's Books, Kids
Supporting language: Gujarati
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter