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Languages > Tamil > Line and Circle in Tamil & English by Trotsky Maruda
Line and Circle in Tamil & English by Trotsky Maruda

Line and Circle in Tamil & English by Trotsky Maruda
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This series from Tulika is designed as a set of entry level readers for 3 to 6 year olds. They are also excellent picture books for younger children. In response to the needs of children growing in a multi-lingual society, the series uses bi-lingual text that provides children easy access to two languages at a time. Creative rather than literal translation from one language to another seeks to preserve the natural flow of the idiom.

Line and Circle uses a simple, direct approach to present a basic concept. By listening and reading, the book encourages children to observe.

Line and Circle was originally conceptualised by Radhika Menon as an animated story for a Malayalam Children's television programme, Chirakukal. The book has been illustrated by Trotsky Marudu, a painter-illustrator based in Madras. Marudu is also a gifted animator, experimenting with digital animation. His other passion is illustrating comic books.

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Categories: Children's Books, Kids
Supporting language: Tamil
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter