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LaserYukon for Windows in Unicode (Any Single Typestyle)
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LaserYukon™ in Unicode™ provides professional-quality, Unicode-encoded fonts in TrueType® OpenType® format for typing Athapaskan languages (also spelled Athapascan, Athabaskan, or Athabascan). The font also supports Iñupiaq and Western European Latin-based languages, including French, German, and Spanish, plus many other Roman-based languages. The font may also be used for some forms of Chinese transliteration. The font is available in five typestyles.

LaserYukon in Unicode fonts include OpenType™ layout features. A new font technology called OpenType extends the ability of fonts to support international character sets by allowing greater typographic control over letters and their associated accents. OpenType allows composite forms of accented letters to be input, built up, and properly positioned as the letter and its accents are typed by the user. Combined with the Linguist's Software keyboard software, this provides unparalleled ease of use, intuitive input methods, and beautiful printed output. The information that follows on this page will show you the wide range of characters supported by the font and the simple input method provided by our included keyboard software.

The product includes two keyboard layouts that support four characters per key (instead of the normal two) in Windows XP and Windows 2000 SP3. One keyboard supports the Athapaskan languages and the other optional keyboard supports English and other Latin 1 languages. Both keyboard layouts take advantage of the OpenType layout features built into the fonts for the most logical, intuitive input possible. Input order is letter, accent, accent, as described above. The letter with its associated accents is built up automatically as you type, with all accents perfectly positioned.

Product ID: 502693
Category: Fonts
Supporting languages: Gwich'in, Han, Kaska, Navajo, Northern Tutchone, Southern Tutchone, Tagish, Tahltan, Tanacross, Tlingit, Upper Tanana, Yukon
Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Specifications: Requires Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP3.

Requires Microsoft Word 2003 or another component of Microsoft Office System 2003. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is not compatible.)

Older versions of Word (including Word 2002 and Word 2000) will not work.

Older, non-Unicode applications such as Word 95 (Word 7) and Word 6 are not compatible. Quark XPress, PageMaker, Corel WordPerfect, and Lotus Word Pro are not compatible.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (included in Microsoft Office 2003) is not compatible with LaserYukon in Unicode for Windows. All text is changed to the Arial font, whether typed with the keyboard, input using Insert Symbol, or pasted from Word using the Windows clipboard. PowerPoint users should type their text in Word or another Unicode-compatible application, and save the text as a graphic for import into PowerPoint. Users can also use WordArt to create their text. To do this in PowerPoint go to Insert, Picture, WordArt, and type your text, formatting it as desired. Alternatively, users can type directly into PowerPoint using our non-Unicode LaserYukon fonts. (Earlier versions of PowerPoint have not been tested for compatibility.)

OpenType: The two primary components of OpenType are the Uniscribe shaping engine built into Windows by Microsoft and the OpenType layout features built into a font by its maker (like Linguist's Software). The Uniscribe shaping engine is updated periodically by Microsoft with new capabilities being added with each new release. The version of Uniscribe that ships with the Microsoft Office System (i.e. Office 2003) includes support for accents in Latin scripts for the first time. At this time only Office 2003 includes this version of Uniscribe (version 1.0471.4030.0). Therefore, installation of Office 2003 is required. However, any other applications which install and support this or later versions of Uniscribe will also work. If you discover another application which supports the OpenType features of LaserYukon in Unicode for Windows, please email us with the application's name and version number.

Printer: The fonts will print to any Windows printer at the highest quality allowed by your printer.

Documentation: All documentation, including a Setup Manual, a User's Manual, and Keyboard Layout Charts (showing placement of the characters on the keys), is in Adobe Acrobat™ PDF format, and is installed into the Windows Start menu for easy access. Users may view the documentation on screen or print it, using Acrobat Reader

These fonts are compatible with the Macintosh version of LaserYukon in Unicode. No conversion of files is necessary when transferring files to a Macintosh if your applications are fully Unicode-aware and LaserYukon in Unicode fonts are installed on both systems.

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