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Languages > German > Learn > Children's > Language Tree - German for Kids Beginning Level 1 Volume 1 (DVD)
Language Tree - German for Kids Beginning Level 1 Volume 1 (DVD)

Language Tree - German for Kids Beginning Level 1 Volume 1 (DVD)
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GERMAN FOR KIDS volume 1 introduces this complex language in a way that is fun and easy-to-understand. Starring native speaking actors and featuring 3D animation, this video teaches German within the context of a fantastic birthday party - full of lively songs, delicious food and playful games. Sebastian and his German Shepherd puppy “Shultz” clearly demonstrate highly practical phrases for everyday situations, such as meeting and greeting, eating, playing and much more. Words for colors, numbers, and parts of the body are explained in an entertaining and lively manner.

Narrated and subtitled in English, GERMAN FOR KIDS is perfect for beginner students of all ages.

  • Incorporates Language Tree’s breakthrough Multi-Cognition Approach ™, developed by a Stanford University Cognitive Scientist
  • Contains 6 complete lessons on everyday conversation
  • Includes interactive DVD games that test a child’s comprehension
  • Introduces over 100 practical phrases and vocabulary words
  • Upbeat sing-a-long songs reinforce new words and phrases

    DVD comes accompanied with a learning book so parents or teachers can review lessons together with their child.

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