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Languages > Welsh > Dictionary > Hippocrene Welsh - Welsh Dictionary & Phrasebook
Hippocrene Welsh - Welsh Dictionary & Phrasebook

Hippocrene Welsh - Welsh Dictionary & Phrasebook
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Despite the dominance of English in Wales, the Welsh language is very much alive. It is used in conversations every day, in public bodies, in official documents, on road signs, and, increasingly, is required in primary school education. Around half a million people speak Welsh fluently in Wales today, while many more have some knowledge of the language. The phrasebook includes situations that one is likely to encounter in Wales, and the 6,000-word, two-way dictionary gives essential vocabulary words for basic comprehension. The grammar section enables users to form simple sentences, while a commonsense pronunciation guide provides a glimpse of the complex phonetic structure of Welsh. Information about Welsh culture and life complete the work.

Product ID: 106499     ISBN-13: 9780781810708
Categories: Dictionary, Phrase Books
Supporting language: Welsh
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
About the author: Heini Gruffudd was a Welsh language and literature instructor at the University of Wales for 13 years. He is the author of Beginner's Welsh, also published by Hippocrene Books, and numerous other Welsh language titles. He currently works as a language consultant and freelance writer in Swansea, Wales. paperback 200 pages 3 3/4 x 7 1/2 W 6,000 entries

Publication Date: 10/2004