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Languages > Gujarati > Gujarati Self Taught by Dhruva N.M (Hardcover)
Gujarati Self Taught by Dhruva N.M (Hardcover)

Gujarati Self Taught by Dhruva N.M (Hardcover)
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This volume of Gujarati is primarily intented to supply a working and practical knowledge of the language for the benefit of those who require to use the spoken tongue for the purposes of business or pleasure. With this in view many vocabularies are supplied carefully selected to suit the needs of the Gujarati speaking districts and classified according to subject, and also a large number of colloquial phrases and sentences of a practical character, similarly classified. Throughout the volume the pronunciation of the gujarati words is added, according to Marlborough's system of phonetics - a system which has grown out of long experience, and is of so simple a nature that, by means of it, a stranger to the language who knows only English, can read off the words at a glance and thus easily make himself understood amongst Gujarati speaking people. At the same time the main principles and the most important rules of the grammar of Gujarati are supplied, with vocabularies and exercises, thus enabling the student to obtain an intelligent acquaintance with the structure of the language, and to pave the way to a thorough knowledge of it later on.

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