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Languages > German > Learn > Children's > German for Children - (Paperback and Audio Cd's) [BOX SET]
German for Children - (Paperback and Audio Cd's) [BOX SET]

German for Children - (Paperback and Audio Cd's) [BOX SET]
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Already a proven home-study program, the Language for Children series is making noise with this updated, integrated book-plus-audio edition. Along with its charming visuals and lively activities, the series now provides in CD format the stimulating sounds of language to entice preschoolers through primary graders into learning a second language. Cute, catchy songs and the humorous, serial adventures of SuperCat are sure to captivate the imagination and foster language acquisition. Each set in the series contains an 80-page full-color activity book coordinated with two 60-minute CDs as well as a Parent/Instructor CD packed with helpful tips. Together children and parents can master basic language skills, including making introductions, counting from 1 to 20, and describing objects. The perfect package for parents and teachers who want to familiarize three- to nine-year olds with foreign languages and cultures.

Product ID: 109721     ISBN-13: 9780071407793     ISBN-10: 0071407790
Categories: Children's Books, Kids, Learn, Learn > Children's
Supporting language: German
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
Specifications: German for Children Edition: 2nd Author(s): BRUZZONE CATHERINE ISBN10: 0071407790 ISBN13: 9780071407793 Format: Compact Disc Pub. Date: 2/5/2003 Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill