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GST Photo FX 2.0

GST Photo FX 2.0
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Greenstreets Photo FX 2.0 is probably the worlds easiest to use photographic effects software. Ideal for anyone with a digital camara or scanner, or anyone using library, Photo CD or Flashpix images the software offers over 100 different photo effects that can be applied in any order to your image. Side by side views of the before and after images give an exact idea of what the effect achieves and unlimited undo facilities mean you can experiment without fear of ruining what you have already done.

Photo FX 2.0 works with most bitmap formats and provides high speed image processing while editing. Save to most formats including compressed jpeg for web use. Facilities include adding mosaic, emboss, drawing and texture effects to your image, many different distortions such as spirals and ageing, add frames and borders, apply color correction and color balance filters and lighting corrections, red eye removal, jigsaw effects as well as more mundane rotate, flip, straighten etc.

Product ID: 41887     UPC: 092939070896
Categories: Photos, Software - Windows
Supporting languages: English, English (UK), German
Platforms/media types: Windows, CD-Rom
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