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GST 10,000 Photos

GST 10,000 Photos
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Original photos from Greenstreet. It's new, it's not in the large collections and it's fun. And of course it's royalty free to use as you wish. 10,000 Photos collection contain 10 thousand new exciting all color images in JPEG (bit-map) format. As all 10,000 images are in JPEG format you can use them straight onto your own web pages. It's easy to browse through the images to find the one you want using your web browser (or load the free copy of Netscape Navigator on each CD).

It's great art for t-shirt design, calendars, greeting cards, labels, stickers, fliers, posters, banners, school work, business documents, desk top publishers, party invites. In fact they fit in almost any document you can think of.

Product ID: 41878     UPC: 092939073019
Categories: Photos, Software - Windows
Supporting languages: English, English (UK), French, German
Platforms/media types: Windows, CD-Rom
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