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Elsevier Dictionary of Pests and Diseases in Useful Plants (Book)
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Phytoparasites and zooparasites of useful plants and the diseases they cause, are the subject of this multilingual dictionary. The major topics include: bacteria; fungi and fungi imperfecti; insects and mites; lichens and mosses; molluscs; nematodes; noxious animals and birds; parasitic plants and weeds; symptoms of disease; viruses and viroids. In view of the great interest that present-day society takes in environmental issues, the dictionary also includes ecological concepts which may be highly relevant to the vegetable kingdom, such as acid rain, air pollution, deforestation, desertification, forest fire, greenhouse effect, soil erosion and the like. The broad scope of the dictionary covers not only the widely known agriculture and silviculture of the temperate zone, but also to a certain extent, horticulture, fruit culture and tropical agriculture.

The dictionary is based on Elsevier's Lexicon of Plant Pests and Diseases by Manuel Merino-Rodríguez, published in 1966. Terms have been corrected where necessary, a large number of new ones have been included and Dutch equivalents have been added. English is now the first language instead of Latin.

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