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Languages > Gujarati > Dictionary > A Manual of English-Gujarati Dictionary by Ranina Rustam N.R (Hardcover)
A Manual of English-Gujarati Dictionary by Ranina Rustam N.R (Hardcover)

A Manual of English-Gujarati Dictionary by Ranina Rustam N.R (Hardcover)
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The present work has been cast on entirely different lines, to quit the demand of the present generation of students. The number of words is more than double of those contained in the last edition of the compendium. An attempt has been made to find room for every English word sanctioned by good authority; while obsolete and very rare words are not allowed to swell the bulk of this volume unnecessarily. Owing to the steady diffusion of scientific knowledge, a number of technical terms has come to be used in current speeck and in the business of every day life, most of which have been included in the vocabulary. Much care and attention have been devoted to the selection of Gujarati equivalents - those derived from Sansrkit as well as from Arabic and Persian have been given side by side, so that the book may be useful and acceptable to Gujarati speaking Hindoos, Mohameddans and Parsis alike. The pronunciation of each English word has been given in Gujarati characters. Etymology of words derived from Greek and Latin sources, and the English explanation of every word in its different shades of meaning, have been inserted. It is hoped that these innovations will be specially welcome to the large mass of our school going population.

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