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Language Information

Kyrgyz (also spelled Kirghiz) are a Turkic ethnic group found primarily in Kyrgyzstan. Kirgiz is spoken principally in the Kirgiz republic of the Soviet Union, which borders China and whose capital is Frunze. Like Turkmen, Uzbek, and Kazakh, it is one of the Turkic languages, and is spoken by about l million people. Kirgiz was written in the Arabic script until 1928 when the Latin alphabet was introduced, which in turn was replaced by the Cyrillic in 1940. ***

Kirgiz (Kirghiz) is spoken/used in Kyrgyzstan

Language Family
Family: Altaic
Subgroup: Turkic
Branch: Northwestern(Kipchak)

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


The background of the picture is a patch of bleak autumn sky with the wind chasing scattered clouds along the highest mountain tops in sight. A broad valley with a steppe of golden bronze color and two wayfarers walking side by side on the road black and damp from recent rains, with waving clusters of needle grass on both its sides, form its foreground. In the course of coming to the fore the footprints gradually become clearer and it seems that they will disappear behind the frame if they take one step more.


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