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Children's Books
Goldilocks & the Three Bears in Bulgarian & English (PB)
Ellie's Secret Diary (Don't bully me) in Bulgarian & English HB
My Talking Dictionary - Book & CD Rom in Bulgarian & English
Keyboard Stickers
Keyboard Stickers for Bulgarian (White for Black Keyboards)
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Language Information

Bulgarian is spoken by about 90 percent of the population of Bulgaria, or some 8 million people. it is one of the Slavic languages and, in fact, played an important role in the historical development of this family. When the first alphabet for the Slavic languages was devised in the 9th century, it was a dialect of Bulgarian that served as the base. Old Bulgarian, or Old Church Slavonic as it came to be called, long served as the literary vehicle of all the Slavic languages. During the Middle Ages it was one of the three major literary languages of Europe.

The modern Bulgarian alphabet is virtually the same as the Russian, except that the ***, the little used "hard sign" in Russian, in Bulgarian serves as a vowel. It is pronounced something like the u in the English word "fur" and is, in fact, the second letter in the word Bulgaria. Bulgarian also differs from the other Slavic languages in that it makes use of articles, both definite and indefinite, the former being suffixed to the noun. The verb has no infinitive form-like the English infinitive, which is formed by placing the word "to" in front of the verb, the Bulgarian infinitive is formed with the word da.

Bulgarian is spoken/used in the following countries:
Bulgaria, Macedonia.

Language Family
Family: Indo-European
Subgroup: Slavic
Branch: Southern

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


In the morning Ognyanov set out for town. He went through the gorge which led him out to the monastery. Under the great walnut tree in the meadow in front of the monastery the abbot was walking bareheaded to and fro. He was enjoying the beauty of this romantic spot and drinking in the fresh, bracing air of the mountain. The autumn landscape had a new charm with the golden leaves of the trees, the yellowed velvety hills of the Balkan range, and the atmosphere of sweetly tender decay and melancholy.

—IVAN VAZOV, Under the Yoke

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