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Languages > Haitian > Children's Books > Grades 3~5 > Zile Lespwa (Islands of Hope) in Haitian-Creole only by Kiki Latimer
Zile Lespwa (Islands of Hope) in Haitian-Creole only by Kiki Latimer

Zile Lespwa (Islands of Hope) in Haitian-Creole only by Kiki Latimer
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Zile Lespwa (Islands of Hope) in Haitian-Creole only version by Kiki Latimer
A Haitian Creole version of Islands of Hope. Zile Lespwa refers to the island country of Haiti and to Rhode Island. Two groups of families from these “islands” were brought together in this mission of hope. The intention of the Haiti Project was to change the hearts and lives of the people in both places and it did. On a child’s level of understanding Zile Lespwa brings out the eternal nature of good. This story of loss and recovery is told from the point of view of a child in Haiti and thus gives voice and power to the one in the throes of poverty. As the young child Chante and her Mama and Papa run for their lives in the early part of the story, Mama rescues the child. It is Papa who rescues the old bean pot, the symbol of the man’s ability to provide for his family. Zile Lespwa stands as a call to the men of Haiti to hold strong with their families and never lose hope. For families here in the United States it is a call to hold forth a vision of hope and share our resources with families in need. Zile Lespwa is intended as a teaching guide to the importance of generosity and the blessings of connections between peoples. Kiki Latimer is the chairperson for Project Haiti at St Joseph’s Church in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. She traveled in January 2009 to Cap Haitian to see the village that this small congregation built there.

Product ID: 503282     ISBN-13: 9781584326946
Categories: Children's Books, Children's Books > Grades 3~5, Classroom/Schools, Kids
Supporting languages: Creole, Haitian
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: 2009, 52pp, Illustrated by: Franceska Schifrin, Softcover
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