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Languages > Chinese > Movies/Videos > Xi'an Incident - DVD (2 disc Set)
Xi'an Incident - DVD (2 disc Set)

Xi'an Incident - DVD (2 disc Set)
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An epic telling of one of the more noteworthy events in 20C Chinese history, when Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek was held prisoner by two brave generals and forced to negotiate with the Communists to create a united front against the Japanese. Wang Tiecheng starred again ten years later as Zhou Enlai in the biopic of the same name (ZHENDV).

Product ID: 501902
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting languages: Chinese, English
Platforms/media types: DVD
  • Language Chinese with English & Chinese Subtitles
  • Director Cheng Yin
  • Actors Jin An’ge, Xin Jing, Wang Tiecheng, Sun Feihu
  • Duration 170 min
  • First Released 1981