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Languages > English > Writing to Communicate 1: Paragraphs (Paperback) - Low-Intermediate
Writing to Communicate 1: Paragraphs (Paperback) - Low-Intermediate

Writing to Communicate 1: Paragraphs (Paperback) - Low-Intermediate
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With a combined process and product approach, Writing to Communicate guides students through the writing process as they create interesting, well-organized, and grammatically correct paragraphs and essays.


  • Theme-based chapters encourage students to explore ideas.
  • Focus on rhetorical patterns gives students a solid basis for academic writing
  • Abundant and clear models guide and motivate students to successful writing.
  • Graphic organizers, paragraph checklists, and peer help worksheets enrice the writing process.
  • Structure and mechanics sections help improve accuracy.
  • Appendices in areas such as the writing process, formatting on a computer, writing under time pressure, and common connectors, provides additional support.

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    Supporting language: English
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    Book 1: The Paragraph

  • The Topic Sentence
  • Supporting Sentences
  • The Concluding Sentence
  • Descriptive Paragraphs
  • Narrative Paragraphs
  • Expository Paragraphs
  • Unity
  • Coherence
  • Cohesion
  • Process
  • Reasons and Results
  • Opinion
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