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Languages > Portuguese > Learn > Beginners > Working Portuguese for Beginners (Book with 1 MP3 CD)
Working Portuguese for Beginners (Book with 1 MP3 CD)

Working Portuguese for Beginners (Book with 1 MP3 CD)
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Working Portuguese enables English speakers with no prior knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese to develop the basic communication skills and cultural knowledge needed to visit Brazil and to function in a work environment in which Portuguese is spoken. This language program presents not only all the situations and grammar normally covered in an elementary Portuguese textbook but also includes situations set in a business context in every lesson.

Major Features:

  • Twenty-four lessons, the last four concluding with a special independent project in which the student applies the language to his or her area of professional interest
  • Clear objectives for acquiring language skills, grammar, and cultural understanding
  • Lessons cover the important basics normally covered in any beginning Portuguese textbook such as introductions and greetings, counting, making travel plans, taking public transportation, and asking for directions
  • Lessons cover business tasks such as negotiating a contract, presenting a new product, writing a business memoóall in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Lessons provide dialogues and vocabulary lists for reading and listening, grammar, cultural reading, and interactive homework
  • Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese glossaries offer additional help with vocabulary
  • Course can be combined with affordable online access to self-grading exercises (available through, $24.95 per student for 9 months of access)

    Studentís Book

  • Includes MP3 tracks of vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises on CD
  • Lessons are valuable to the classroom student as well as self-directed independent learners

    Teacherís Edition

  • Includes a CD-ROM with all MP3 tracks of vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises found on the studentís disk
  • CD-ROM also provides quizzes and a midterm, materials for special activities, and approximately 300 supplementary PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation

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    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learn > Beginners
    Supporting languages: Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
    512 pp.
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