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Languages > Chinese > Working Mandarin for Beginners (Paperback w/ CDs)
Working Mandarin for Beginners (Paperback w/ CDs)

Working Mandarin for Beginners (Paperback w/ CDs)
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Working Mandarin for Beginners is designed to enable English-speaking business students and professionals with no prior knowledge of Chinese to develop the basic communication skills necessary for a business trip to China or another work environment in which Mandarin is spoken.

Major Features:

  • Twenty-four lessons, including five review lessons.
  • Clear objectives for acquiring language skills, grammar, and cultural understanding.
  • Lessons cover important basics, such as introductions and greetings, counting, reserving a hotel room, taking public transportation, and asking for directions.
  • Lessons cover business tasks such as coordinating and conducting meetings, selling products, and negotiating agreements—all in Chinese.
  • Lessons provide dialogues and vocabulary lists for reading and listening, language points, cultural points, pronunciation drills, and interactive homework.
  • Course concludes with a special independent project in which the student applies the language to his or her area of business study.
  • Pinyin is used throughout so students can start speaking Mandarin immediately.
  • Includes some basic lessons in the formation of Chinese characters.
  • Course can be combined with affordable online access to self-grading exercises (available through

    Student Book

  • Includes MP3 tracks of dialogues, vocabulary lists, and audio exercises on CD.
  • Lessons are valuable to the classroom student as well as self-directed independent learners.

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