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Languages > French > Who is Oscar Lake? French for Win
Who is Oscar Lake? French for Win

Who is Oscar Lake? French for Win
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Learn a foreign language as you solve an exciting mystery!

  • Live-action video
  • Totally interactive
  • Learn over 1,200 vocabulary words
  • All native-speaking characters
  • Includes a bonus module with 33 activities for learning language basics Voice record/playback feature
  • Multiple possible endings
  • Save the game at any point
  • Instant translations into your choice of English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian

    Who is Oscar Lake? is the first language-learning program of its kind anywhere. You wonĘt find repetitive drills or endless vocabulary lists here. Instead, Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in a new language. Experts agree that language immersion is the most effective way to learn a second language. With Oscar Lake you learn by hearing, seeing and doing. And because you interact directly with all the characters you meet, you control the pace of the story, the speed of the learning and even the outcome of the game. But be careful! With its multiple possible endings, Oscar Lake can make you the hero who recovers the stolen diamond or the goat who ends up taking the rap!

    Product ID: 31842     ISBN-13: 9781887684033     ISBN-10: 1887684034
    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Games, Kids
    Supporting language: French
    Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000
    Specifications: Windows/CD-ROM
    IBM/Tandy or 100% compatible 486SX
    50 MHz with 4MB of RAM
    Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or higher
    MS/PC DOS 5.0 or higher
    Super VGA (640x480, 256 colors)
    Level 2 MPC-compliant sound card
    2x (Double Speed) CD-ROM Drive
    Hard Drive
    Microphone recommended but not required

    68040 or higher CPU
    System 7
    8MB RAM
    Color Monitor (640x480, 256 colors),
    2x (Double Speed) CD-ROM Drive
    Hard Drive
    Microphone recommended but not required

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    Who is Oscar Lake? French for Win

    Product Review
    By John Pepon, MBT staff
    Who is Oscar Lake? is a very enjoyable program that would be of use to anyone learning a new language. The program is in the format of an adventure game, however all the activities are in a foreign language. (Translations are easily available within the game.) The premise is that you are a gem expert, invited to a foreign city to see a fabulous diamond, The Light. You travel by train, arrive in the city, meet the mysterious proprietress... Soon the diamond has been stolen and the game is afoot! The program also has drill and lesson type activities, a basic dictionary, but the area in which this program excels is conversation practice. The game is driven by conversations with different characters. Each conversation has multiple paths, giving you the opportunity to listen and respond in different ways. This is much more realistic and interesting than the static conversations in other CD-ROMs or tape courses. The program looks great and is very nicely executed. I recommend this program highly, but I would suggest that it be used along with a course or classes.

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