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Languages > Slovenian > Movies/Videos > When I Close My Eyes (DVD)
When I Close My Eyes (DVD)

When I Close My Eyes (DVD)
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Political intrigue meets romantic obsession in this enigmatic thriller. When the rural post office where Ana works is robbed by a young biker, she takes advantage of the confusion after the robbery to steal some money for herself. Despite the suspicions of the police regarding her complicity in the crime, she develops a bizarre attraction to the criminal and becomes increasingly focused on tracking him down, unwittingly delving into a deeper mystery involving her father's death during her childhood. "This tightly crafted, subtly suspenseful, and visually stunning a must-see (Chicago Sun-Times). Slovenian with English subtitles.

Product ID: 106283
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Slovenian
Platforms/media types: DVD
99 mins. 1993