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Voicewriter LLC504

Voicewriter LLC504
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Spend just an hour training the computer to recognize your voice and the Penpower VoiceWriter will allow you to input to any application program at your usual speaking speed (about 100 words per minute). In addition to entering Chinese, English, numbers and symbols continuously by speaking, you can also operate Windows, create Word forms, control the mouse and cursor and browse through Web pages by voice command. In addition to speaking, this VoiceWriter is also equipped with a 54 handwriting pad to allow you to input more easily.


  • The striking and robust interactive operating interface allows you to communicate directly with the Listening and Writing Secretary or execute voice commands.

    Continuous Voice Input

  • Breaking through the technical barrier of traditional non-continuous voice input, Penpower VoiceWriter allows you to input sentences in the most natural way via IBM ViaVoice 10.5-Voice. Input at over 100 words per minute, without the need to pause between words.

    Whole-sentence Voice Input

  • Penpower VoiceWriter is no longer limited by recognition of words and phrases as a unit and can recognize a whole sentence or a whole paragraph.

    Voice File Recognition

  • Automatically record voice batch files, directly convert them into words through a voice file recognition tool, and then output them to an application or save them as a text file.

    Voice Remote Control

  • Set personal voice commands to have your computer execute a series of actions. Complicated computer operating procedures can be fully simplified.

    Voice Command

  • By oral commands, you can directly activate an application, operate Windows, or emulate actions of the mouse or the keyboard.

    Voice Macro

  • Say an abbreviated word to represent a long character string in order to accelerate your voice input speed.

    Accent Training Not Required

  • No individual accent training is required. Any user can familiarize himself at once with this product, which has an extremely high voice recognition rate.

    Voice Dictionary

  • Search the Chinese and English dictionary by voice.

    Professional Vocabulary

  • The built-in professional vocabulary includes computer, law, automobile, fauna and flora, and finance terms

    Voice Database

  • A voice database collects as many as 60,000 words and phrases that are frequently used in Chinese writing. It can be enlarged with new words and phrases by the user any time to a maximum 120,000 words and phrases.

    Combines Handwriting Input

  • Use a combination of voice and handwriting. You can correct voice recognition results by handwriting.

    Product ID: 500343     EAN: 4710837754156
    Categories: Dictionary, Handwriting Recognition, Voice Recognition
    Supporting languages: Cantonese (Chinese), Chinese, Mandarin - See Chinese
    Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000