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Virtual St.Petersburg

Virtual St.Petersburg
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St.Petersburg - "The City of White Nights", "The Venice of the North" - was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. UNESCO rates St.Petersburg as the eighth most popular city for tourism in the world.
It is acknowledged as the outstanding city-museum.
The disc covers 200 beautiful architectural ensembles and provides a unique Virtual Walk around the city.
It presents the history of the Tsar's Palaces, famous cathedrals, churches, museums and theatres.
There is lots of practical information - details of hotels, restaurants, consulates, emergency help and much more.
The interface provides search facilities, the option to print text and images, a history facility, note book, demo and help functions.
The system requirements: Pentium, 8Mb (16Mb recommended); 800x600 high color; 10 Mb free space on the hard disk, 4x CD ROM drive; Sound Blaster; Windows 3.11 or 95.

Product ID: 31888
Categories: Encyclopedia, Reference, Software - Windows, Travel
Supporting language: Russian
Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98, CD-Rom
Specifications: Pentium, 8Mb (16Mb recommended); 800x600 high color; 10 Mb free space on the hard disk, 4x CD ROM drive; Sound Blaster; Windows 3.11 or 95.
interative book

This is the front page of interactive multimedia notebook about St.Petersburg. Playing with the CD-ROM, you may click any button or image - all is active on this book.
Virtual St.Petersburg

general information
This is the General Information chapter. It contains 3-page narrated story about St.Petersburg. Again, each image and button is active.
Virtual St.Petersburg

This is the Map chapter on the CD-ROM. You may drag the rectangle on the smaller map and click the objects on the scrollable bigger map. For example, you may click the icon of St.Isaac Cathedral to get the page of the Cathedral.
Virtual St.Petersburg

main ensembles

This is Main Architectural Ensembles chapter of the CD-ROM. There are nine main ensembles. You may click any name or any picture. Each ensemble in its turn contains several historical buildings and you may get the page about each building with the hypertext, slides, video clip, information about where on the map is this object located and more.For example, click the line Spit of Vasilievsky Island on the left page of interactive book, or the picture with the Rostrum Column on the right page.
Virtual St.Petersburg

This is the Calendar chapter. You may type any year of the 300-year history of St.Petersburg and find out, what was happened in St.Petersburg on that or that year.
Virtual St.Petersburg


This is the page about Astoria Hotel in St.Petersburg. You go here from Practical Information chapter, if you click the Hotels subchapter. About each Hotel you may find out the address, phone numbers, prices, transportation, location on the map of the city.
Virtual St.Petersburg

This is the Puzzle Game screen. You may play puzzle with each slide on the CD-ROM, trying to assemble the picture from 15 different parts.
Virtual St.Petersburg

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