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Languages > Spanish > Virtual Conversation(R) Spanish Medical Profession CD-Rom
Virtual Conversation(R) Spanish Medical Profession CD-Rom

Virtual Conversation(R) Spanish Medical Profession CD-Rom
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You talk to the patient and she talks back!

Medical Spanish is a Virtual Conversations(R) language program for health professionals who need to communicate with Hispanic patients who have difficulty speaking English. This program gives you the unique opportunity to practice taking the medical history of such a patient. You ask the questions in Spanish and the virtual patient answers in Spanish.

The Patient

The Patient in this program is a 78-year-old woman with a history of heart trouble. Your objective is to interview her in her native tongue. Speaking Spanish, you will obtain the medical information you need to make sound clinical decisions about her health care. If you participate fully in this virtual clinical interview, you will experience the feeling of getting to know this patient and her medical history. Soon, you will be speaking to your own patients in Spanish!

The Instructor

Medical Spanish also includes an Instructor, a Hispanic physician, who helps you learn and pronounce the medical history questions and phrases you will use to interview the virtual patient. In this portion of the program, you can also:

  • See the English translations of the Spanish words and phrases
  • Record and playback your pronunciation of the words and phrases
  • Instantly and repetitively compare your pronunciation with that of the Instructor
  • Evaluate your pronunciation by means of a simple visual scale

    All of these are powerful self-evaluation features that allow you to train your ear and approach accent-free speech. More importantly they will help you have a successful clinical interview with the virtual patient.

    Product ID: 42057
    Categories: Learn, Medical, Reference, Software - Windows, Voice Recognition
    Supporting language: Spanish
    Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP, CD-Rom, Windows 2000, Windows ME
    Specifications: 100 MHz Pentium, 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended), 18MB hard drive space 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA (800x600, 16 bit color), Sound Blasterr compatible, sound card ,Microphone (included), Speakers, Mouse Microsoftr , Windowsr95, 98, NT4
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    Virtual Conversation(R) Spanish Medical Profession CD-Rom

    What are Virtual Conversations Programs?

    Virtual Conversations(R) programs combine digital video and voice recognition technology (Dragon Systemsr VoiceTools) to allow the user to engage in a dialogue with a virtual human subject using spoken language. patented this process in 1991 (U.S. Patent #5,006,987).

    How do Virtual ConversationsÖ programs work?

    Users conduct virtual dialogues with video subjects_real people_by speaking into a microphone attached to the computer. The user asks a question and the character responds, and a face-to-face dialogue ensues. The programs have an Intelligent Scrolling Prompts feature which provides relevant questions for the user to ask. Virtually everyone reports that the dialogue experience is "like talking to a real person." The believability and educational effectiveness of these programs have been established through field tests conducted at institutions of higher learning, both locally and nationally.

    Who Uses Virtual ConversationsÖ programs?

    Is developed Virtual ConversationsÖ programs for: Professional Education/ Virtual ConversationsÖ programs have been developed to allow physicians to practice HIV detection and counseling with virtual patients. patients to question a physician about breast health . linguists to practice conversing with native speakers. students to learn about a subject by interviewing an expert

    The potential applications of Virtual ConversationsÖ programs are unlimited.

    Do the programs run on a Macintosh?

    At this time, the programs are IBM PC compatible and do not run on Apples.

    Is the Virtual ConversationsÖ method educationally effective?

    As part of its research and development, we routinely conducts scientifically controlled field tests of new Virtual ConversationsÖ applications. The majority of test subjects report that they feel like they've talked to a real person. In addition, these experiments have proven that this method produces statistically significant learning gain and a positive attitude shift after a single exposure to the program.