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Languages > Chickasaw > Learn > VIP - Let's Talk Chickasaw (Audio CD)
VIP - Let's Talk Chickasaw (Audio CD)

VIP - Let's Talk Chickasaw (Audio CD)
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This "listen & repeat" method of learning has been proven in schools, universities and language programs all over the world. It is the quickest and surest method of learning how to speak a language. In these lessons, you'll be given words and phrases by three Chickasaw speakers; Yvonne Alberson, Jerry Imotchey and Carlin Thompson. All three spoke their language first and understand the importance of retaining their language, culture and heritage. Learn basic greetings, how to ask directions, food words, relationship terms and animals names, plus many usefull phrases.

Product ID: 109700     ISBN-10: 1884655580
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Chickasaw
Platforms/media types: Audio CD