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Languages > Cherokee > Learn > VIP - Intermediate Cherokee Module III (Audiotape/24 Pg Workbook)
VIP - Intermediate Cherokee Module III (Audiotape/24 Pg Workbook)

VIP - Intermediate Cherokee Module III (Audiotape/24 Pg Workbook)
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"We exist in the element of language. Someone has said that to think is to talk to oneself. The implications of this equation are crucial. Language is necessary to thought, and thought (as it is manifested in language) distinguishes us humans from all other creatures.

In the eqation above, we might substitute the word imagination for "thought." For surely imagination proceeds from language in the very way that thought does, to the extent that we can separate thought and imagination.

Language is the stuff of imagination. The imagination is the creative aspect of language. It enables us to use language to its highest potential. It enables us to realize a reality beyond the ordinary; it enables us to create and to re-create ourselves in story and literature. It is the possible accomplishment of immortality."

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Category: Learn
Supporting language: Cherokee
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette, Printed Matter
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