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Languages > Choctaw > Learn > VIP - Conversational Choctaw (Audio CD)
VIP - Conversational Choctaw (Audio CD)

VIP - Conversational Choctaw (Audio CD)
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This method of learning has been proven in schools, universities and language programs all over the world as one of the easiest and best ways to learn to speak a language! In these programs, the first of a series, you'll hear and remember Choctaw words and phrases spoken by LeRoy Sealy, Choctaw Instructor at the University of Oklahoma. Recorded in a studio, you'll hear every syllable and nuance of the spoken Choctaw language.

  • Lesson #1 takes you on a shopping trip; learn how to ask for things, learn to say "Charge it" in Choctaw;
  • Lesson #2 teaches you table conversations, how to ask for food, hand me a knife, I'd like some meat, etc; and
  • Lesson #3 teaches you how to say sporting phrases in Choctaw, Let's play baseball, etc.

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