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Languages > Japanese > Movies/Videos > Animation > Urotsukidoji III The Movie - Return of the Overfiend

Urotsukidoji III The Movie - Return of the Overfiend
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The Overfiend is called out of a 25-year hibernation to greet the arrival of the dreaded Lord of Chaos in Azuma. Rather than the Lord of Chaos himself, it seems the Overfiend's awakening was actually caused by the evolution of a half-breed of demon beasts. Now the Overfiend's only chance of survival is with the help of Amano Jyaku and his sister Megumi. Unfortunately, Munhihausen and Azuma's dictator, Caesar, are ready and waiting to stop Amano. Anime, Japanese with English

Product ID: 7831
Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Animation
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape