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Languages > Urdu > Learn > Urdu - The Self Urdu Teacher by Edward John

Urdu - The Self Urdu Teacher by Edward John
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In Part I of this book , the letters of the Urdu language, their names and their sounds and Pronunciations, etc are explained through the medium of Roman and English. In Part II, classification of words or parts of speech, Inflexion and Derivation of words and important grammatical rules and hints are given, because reading and writing, understanding and speaking a language correctly, depends mainly upon understanding the Grammar of the language very well. Part III, contains rules for the formation of sentences and lessons for sentence study. Part IV, contains compositons - conversations, dialogues, Fables and Essay - writing.

With the aid of this book, enough knowledge of the language can be acquired to get on the conversation and to read easy books in Urdu and improve further.

Product ID: 46247     ISBN-10: 8120606868
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Supporting language: Urdu
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