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Languages > English > Culture & Tradition > Understanding Arabs - A Guide for Modern Times (Fourth Edition)

Understanding Arabs - A Guide for Modern Times (Fourth Edition)
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Diplomats, scholars, business people, travelers and all those who wish to understand the complex events playing out on the world stage have relied on Margaret nydell's ground-breaking work. Understanding Arabs has become an essential guide to comprehending an immensely varied and often-misunderstood culture. This much-awaited fourth edition brings contemporary Arab culture into sharp focus. Concise and objective, Understanding Arabs covers beliefs and values; religion and society; the role of family, friends and strangers; the dynamic between men and women; and social norms and communication styles--all with an eye toward the diversity that this rich culture represents.

  • A greatly expanded "Arabs and Muslims in the West" continues to shatter misconceptions commonly held across Europe and North America.
  • A chapter on the rise of Islamism explains its powerful influence and contrasts it with both fundamentalism and the mainstream.
  • A chapter on Anti-Americanism explains the seeds of this growing phenomenon.
  • Expanded coverage on the "Status of Women" underscores the increasing visibility of women in politics and society while explaining the traditions that governed gender roles in the past.
  • A comprehensive survey of Arab countries, highlighting differences and similarities, includes insightful new material on each and includes more nations such as Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. All demographic information has been brought completely up to date.

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