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Languages > Spanish > Dictionary > Verbs > UltraLingua Spanish to and from English Dictionary of Translations Mac/Windows
UltraLingua Spanish to and from English Dictionary of Translations Mac/Windows

UltraLingua Spanish to and from English Dictionary of Translations Mac/Windows
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Put high quality reference materials right where you need them - Literally at your fingertips! Users love our easy to use interfaces, extensive databases, and unique language tools. Each dictionary includes hundreds of thousands of entries, in addition to the full conjugations for tens of thousands of verbs.

Product ID: 105825     UPC: 851044062031
Categories: Dictionary, Dictionary > Verbs
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows
Sound interesting? Here are the highlights… These are dictionaries of collegiate-level quality, with exhaustive databases of over 300,000 entries each. Ultralingua offers automatic verb conjugation (nothing presents greater difficulty to those learning a language than verbs), stemming (recognizing irregular word forms), a special mini-mode (to take up less room on the desktop), and seamless interaction with other applications (the ability to get pop-up translations within documents). The Ultralingua Toolbar offers immediate access to such common activities as accessing the extensive language references, adding your own words to the dictionary, or searching for examples of expressions on the Internet. Users may also purchase one of our twelve additional dictionary modules via electronic download, and add them to one easy to use interface - putting access to millions of words right at your finger tips! Ultralingua will detect them automatically. Complete product Features Dictionary searches are extremely fast, and searching begins as soon as you start to type. The dictionaries are customizable, allowing users to enter their own definitions. Ultralingua also offers stemming - recognizing irregular forms of words - which virtually eliminates the frustration of not finding the word you are looking for. Other features include: o Exhaustive databases (more than 300,000 entries per dictionary), including grammatical information, idiomatic expressions, grammatical notes on irregular forms, slang words and expressions, technical terms, and indications of context and usage. o Entries are indexed under multiple keywords -- which is handled by judging the relevance of the keywords, making consultation of Ultralingua quick and intuitive. o Multiple database support: Ultralingua offers a single dictionary interface to which may be added an unlimited number of language modules (bilingual and monolingual). o The option to launch Ultralingua from within any application, and get the translation/definition for the selected words. o Automatic conjugation of verbs in six languages. (Conjugation information, with verb charts, is offered for other languages.) o Search for examples of usage: Search the Web for examples used in real documents. o Pronunciation of entries by voice synthesis (speech engines must be acquired separately; only English is currently available for Macintosh). o Bilingual language references, including conversion tables and sample correspondence, in most dictionaries, along with grammatical references (in some dictionaries). o Number converter: a tool that will translate (or convert) numbers (e.g. 133) into text ("one hundred (and) thirty-three" -- and into foreign languages in the bilingual dictionaries). o The option to make Ultralingua a "floating window," and thus visible and available even when a different application is foregrounded. o Translate blocks of text: An affiliate of Systran, Ultralingua offers a one-click connection to automatic machine translation of small blocks of text. Awards and Recognition o Five stars from ZDNet o Five stars from Softbase o Five "cows" from o "Pick" from Cnet o Four Mice from SVM Mac (France) o 4+ by CALICO for grammar software