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Languages > Korean > Twofold Song (Bilingual) English & Korean
Twofold Song (Bilingual) English & Korean

Twofold Song (Bilingual) English & Korean
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From one of Korea's most distinguished authors in the modern era comes Twofold Song, the story of a couple who ceaselessly try and express their love artistically in author Yi Mun-yol's poetic short story. Sublime and resplendent with rich connotative analogies, Twofold Song has all the markings of Yi's careful, brush-like writing style and serene plot development. Part of the Modern Korean Stories Series.

Product ID: 502069
Categories: Children's Books, Kids, Short Stories
Supporting languages: English, Korean
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • 112 pp.
  • Hardcover 13 x 18 cm