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Languages > Japanese > Learn > Tuttle - The Learner's Kanji Dictionary

Tuttle - The Learner's Kanji Dictionary
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Based on the acclaimed Kanji Dictionary, The Learnerís Kanji Dictionary is a portable dictionary created especially for students of Japanese. This compact and affordable edition provides the same radical system and multi-compound reference system as the main volume, famed for its versatile index. Stroke order and handwritten variants for each of the 2,800 kanji are identified; these are extended into a total of nearly 12,000 compounds, all of which are re-listed under each of their components. Use any of the many parameters available to find a character or compound with the unique index: stroke count, invaluable to all beginners; or any of the characterís known readings--even if you donít know radicals or stroke counts.

Product ID: 101521     ISBN-10: 0804820953
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter