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Languages > Japanese > Learn > Flash Cards > Tuttle - Kanji Cards II - The Second 566 Kanji
Tuttle - Kanji Cards II - The Second 566 Kanji

Tuttle - Kanji Cards II - The Second 566 Kanji
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One of the best mnemonic techniques for learning any language is flashcards. Donít sit on your hands when it comes time to absorb Japanese vocabulary -- there is an easier way! For those who have already begun with Tuttle Kanji Cards, you can now learn and review the second 566 Japanese kanji characters approved by the Ministry of Education with this excellent reference set. In addition to pronunciations, readings and meanings, each carefully designed card presents four useful compounds and stroke order, as well as a complete on/kun reading index and a unique listing of the characters grouped by their common radicals. More complete than any home-made set could be, the Tuttle Kanji Cards II are a sure-fire way to speed memorization and create a complete reference set for the basic Japanese kanji.

Product ID: 101536     ISBN-13: 9780804820905     ISBN-10: 0804820902
Categories: Learn, Learn > Flash Cards
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter