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Languages > Pashto > Translation > TranSphere Translation - Pashto to English Translation Software
TranSphere Translation - Pashto to English Translation Software

TranSphere Translation - Pashto to English Translation Software
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TranSphere Translation - Pashto to English Software is the use of computer software to translate text from one natural (human) language into another. MT must take into account the grammatical structure of each language, and use contextual rules to select among multiple meanings, in order to transfer sentences from the source language (text to be translated) into the target language (translated text).

Product ID: 105606
Category: Translation
Supporting language: Pashto
Platforms/media types: Windows
Concept Machine Translation is the use of computer software to translate text from one natural language into another. This definition accounts for the grammatical structure of each language and uses rules and assumptions to transfer the grammatical structure of the source language (text to be translated) into the target language (translated text). TranSphere™ was developed after several years of extensive linguistic research in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Its technology reaches beyond simple rudimentary translations, which have been close to mere word replacement, but rather towards real life, high volume, industrial and commercial applications. TranSphere’s™ state-of-the-art computational linguistic technology supports Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Persian\Dari, Pashtu and Turkish with English. Also AppTek provides a line of European languages pairs: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese with English. Components There are two components for the MT system: an engine which processes the translation, and an environment which allows a user to submit text for translation, receive the results, and manipulate the text before and after the translation. This environment is compatible with a stand-alone MT workstation, Client/Server architecture and Web-based solutions. TranSphere™ also supports MS Office, MS IE and includes an API for Third party integration. The client/server solution provides greater flexibility than a stand-alone workstation. The client environment can be ported to multiple platforms without impacting the server application. This provides the capability to tailor the user environment to a particular platform, using all of the commercially available products and tools that are inherent to that platform. Servers can be Windows NT, UNIX, SUN, SCO, LINUX, etc. Since an MT engine is both CPU and memory intensive, the selection of a hardware platform should focus on disk, memory, CPU performance; expandability; commercial availability and in-country support. The platform should also have the capability to support multiple processors to provide increased performance. Requirements for the client platform are much less stringent. Any standard desktop platform, which supports a windowed environment, is suitable. Approach TranSphere™ has been designed and implemented by utilizing natural language high-level linguistic programming tools in the Lexical Functional Grammar paradigm. The programming language has been used to create data tables containing linguistic symbol definitions, lexical entries, linguistic rules (for analysis, transfer, and generation), and other control tables, which are then compiled into the file system. The high-level programming language is compiled using the ANSI C programming language, which provides a robust and powerful tool for the computational linguist to focus efforts on MT development while providing maximum portability across various platforms and operating systems. The system provides integrated hardware and software solutions that will: Analyze semantic, morphological and syntactic structures and produce the output translation. Function as a fully automated Machine Translation system. Utilize a general-purpose lexicon. Access special domains micro-dictionaries pertaining to such domains as Computer, Aviation, Military, Telecommunications, Economics, Diplomacy, Nuclear, Drug, Chemical, Law Enforcement and Business. Provide users with options to define the stacking of those dictionaries. Support a workstation based solution with a client-server architecture. Support a Vocabulary Search Utility to identify words not in the systems dictionaries. Support a Dictionary Maintenance Utility to add user’s own defined words. Produce Latin-character-dropped -words for those unfound in dictionary. Interface with a Text Management System. Interface with an OCR and a spell checker. Interface with an ASR and TTS to produce Speech -to-Speech Machine Translation. These tools can be modules in an integrated translation and editing environment compatible with existing platforms, email and office applications. They are part of the overall environment in the English source as well as the telecommunication needs of a bilingual translation, editing and electronic publishing in a global multi-site organization. The issues pertaining to the timeliness, quality of translated content and the productivity of the translation and editing teams will be optimally enhanced with the use of MT. Features Capacity and Speed A human translator can translate about 2,000 to 3,000 words a day. TranSphere™ translates thousands of words per minute. Cost Human translation costs anywhere from US $ 20 cents to US $ 60 cents per word. TranSphere™ pays for itself within the first year of use. Legacy Data TranSphere™ allows for the re-use and storage of previously translated documentation, in whole or in part utilizing a statistical module Translation Memory.
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