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Languages > French > Learn > Children's > Tot Talk Discover France (DVD)
Tot Talk Discover France (DVD)

Tot Talk Discover France (DVD)
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Travel on a fun-filled journey through the language, music, and cultural traditions of France!

The Tot Talk Discover France DVD features real-life scenes and playful puppet adventures that explore a young childís view of French culture. Babies as young as six months will be enchanted by scenes that highlight--in both French and English:

  • French music, so irresistibly performed that children and puppets canít resist the urge to clap and dance to the melodies.
  • Themes from country and city life, including a vineyard, a castle, and a trend-setting fashion show. Plus that most famous of French creations, the croissant!
  • The masterpieces of French classical music, performed for young ears. Featuring inspiring works by Bizet, Couperin, Debussy, Delibes, Faure and Offenbach.
  • The songs that French children learn to sing at home and in school, including Frere Jacques and Sur le Pont D'Avignon. Each presented with the lyrics in both French and English.

    Tot Talk Discover France:

    Includes a parent's guide to the culture of France, listing background information about the puppets, landmarks and composers featured onscreen.

  • Features language options in both French and English
  • Is appropriate for children ages 6 months and up
  • Is offered in NTSC format, compatible with most PAL players worldwide

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    Categories: Kids, Learn, Learn > Children's
    Supporting language: French
    Platforms/media types: DVD
    Ages 6 months & up
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