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Languages > Japanese > Toshiba Translation Pro Japanese-English subject dictionary package
Toshiba Translation Pro Japanese-English subject dictionary package

Toshiba Translation Pro Japanese-English subject dictionary package
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The Translation Pro subject dictionary covers the following subjects:
Information, Computer, communications, business, electronics, biology, machine, manufacturing plants, construction, physics, mathematics, chemistry, metals, medical - total 500,000 words in the total package.

Product ID: 38110
Categories: Software - Windows, Translation
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Localized Windows
Specifications: Japanese Windows '95, '98 or NT. Works only in conjunction to the Translation Pro.
Contents, number of words and capacity of the dictionaries

Field Contents English-Japanese special term dictionary Japanese-English special term dictionary
The number of inclusion words Capacity The number of inclusion words Capacity
Business Politics and economy, business About 68,000 words 5.1MB About 72,000 words 5.1MB
Chemistry and metal Chemistry, metal, a plastic About 69,000 words 4.6MB About 71,000 words 4.6MB
Living thing Biotechnology, biology, food, earth and environment About 51,000 words 3.0MB About 52,000 words 3.0MB
Physics and mathematics Physics, mathematics About 31,000 words 2.0MB About 32,000 words 2.0MB
Information, a computer, and communication Information, a computer, communication About 87,000 words 5.4MB About 92,000 words 6.4MB
A machine, a plant, and construction A car, an airplane, engineering works, construction, a machine, a plant About 108,000 words 6.6MB About 100,000 words 6.5MB
Electricity and an electron Electricity, an electron About 73,000 words 4.5MB About 36,000 words 2.7MB
Medicine Medicine About 63,000 words 4.1MB About 61,000 words 3.8MB

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