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Languages > French > Children's Books > Tintin - Tintin Objectif Lune - French Vol. 16
Tintin - Tintin Objectif Lune - French Vol. 16

Tintin - Tintin Objectif Lune - French Vol. 16
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Back to Marlinspike, Tintin and Haddock learn that Calculus left for Syldavia and he asks them to come join him there. Their destination turns out to be an atomic research lab in the heart of the mountains, and Calculus has to give some explanations. He was engaged to undertake research on a lunar rocket with an atomic engine. Its purpose: to leave for the Moon with them. Well in spite of their will, Tintin and Haddock accept to join him. However, mysterious competitors try to sabotage their plan. The test rocket is diverted, they try to steal the plans etc. Nevertheless, the project advances and on a good evening, the rocket takes off towards its objective: the Moon.

Product ID: 109881     ISBN-10: 2203001151
Category: Children's Books
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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