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Languages > French > Children's Books > Tintin - Oreille cassée, L' - French Vol. 6
Tintin - Oreille cassée, L' - French Vol. 6

Tintin - Oreille cassée, L' - French Vol. 6
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An Arumbaya fetish was stolen from the ethnographic museum: Tintin decides to find out why. Following the leads, he encounters two men interested in the same fetish. These men leave for the South American Republic of San Theodoros, Tintin tracks them down and ends up in the midst of a revolution. Just by chance, he becomes General Alcazar's chief of staff. Then a war erupts between San Theodoros and the neighboring Nuevo Rico. Wanted by all, Tintin escapes to the land of the Arumbayas. That's where he discovers the secret of the fetish, which contains a precious diamond. It's finally back in Europe that he will find the fetish again and he will return it to the museum.

Product ID: 109875
Category: Children's Books
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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