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Languages > French > Tintin - Las 7 bolas de cristal - in Spanish (Hardcover)
Tintin - Las 7 bolas de cristal - in Spanish (Hardcover)

Tintin - Las 7 bolas de cristal - in Spanish (Hardcover)
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Seven scientists travel to South America to study the Inca civilization. Back in Europe, the scientists become victims of a mysterious curse and are plunged in a deep sleep. Each time a victim is found, small pieces of small crystal balls are also found. Tintin, Haddock and Calculus go to meet Professor Tarragon, the last member of the expedition not yet cursed. Tarragon becomes a victim of the curse while they are there and Calculus is kidnapped after having put on the bracelet of an Inca mummy Tarragon brought back from Peru. Tintin and Haddock launch out to its search and soon leave for South America.

Product ID: 109879     ISBN-13: 9782203751460     ISBN-10: 2203001127
Categories: Children's Books, Kids
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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