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Languages > German > Movies/Videos > Drama > Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (Eyes of Evil),The

Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (Eyes of Evil),The
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The last film of Fritz Lang revived the character of the master criminal he created in his early films. In this low-budget classic, Gert Frobe (Goldfinger) is investigating the mysterious murders in the Hotel Luxor in Berlin, which is filled with hidden cameras and two-way mirrors. Like the earlier Mabuse films, this one also serves as a social critique, focusing on the potential for evil in the world's increasing dependence on technology. With Dawn Addams, Peter Van Eyck and Wolfgang Preiss. In German with English subtitles.

Product ID: 15558
Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: German
Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape
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