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Languages > English > Novel > The Yobo - A Novel of Korea, by Whalen M. Wehry
The Yobo - A Novel of Korea, by Whalen M. Wehry

The Yobo - A Novel of Korea, by Whalen M. Wehry
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A monumental story of a Westerner's love for a Korean woman as the Yi Dynasty struggled for survival! One man pitting his will against kingdom upheavals and international clashes set the stage for this ambitious novel of Korea as explosive, fast-paced events sweep and are swept by a colorful cast of larger-than-life characters. Looming near, usually above all of them is Timothy Tubert, an orphaned American youth stranded during battle in Chaoshien, the old Corea of the Yi Dynasty. Tubert's struggles to find meaning and a place for himself over almost five decades mark a new chapter in epic English language novels about the orient. Rarely does a book of any era in any language so powerfully span the gamut of human spirit and emotions. Ignorance, innocence, murder, sex, greed, hope and fear, treachery and tragedy all intertwine to make this a monumental adventure story told against a background of a tottering dynasty trying to hold treaty powers at bay. Here is a story of violent Chinese, ambitious Japanese, well-intentioned missionaries and ruthless smugglers, intriguing Coreans, courageous tiger hunters, an exotic black mistress and the beautiful Corean girl who becomes the wife of a foreign devil, all stampeding at once in a towering pageant of life. This is a bawdy, stirring, fictionalized saga of Chaoshien, old Corea, a fascinating land the world would pay dearly for not knowing about decades later and a land which today enchants international travelers. Written by by Whalen M. Wehry.

Product ID: 104560     ISBN-10: 0930878388
Category: Novel
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: Korea (South)
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter