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Languages > Spanish > Learn > The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (w/ 2 Audio CDs)
The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (w/ 2 Audio CDs)

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (w/ 2 Audio CDs)
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A good grasp of grammar enables the foreign-language learner to build skill and confidence in communication. Here's the "ultimate," painless way for intermediate and advanced learners to brush up on the rules. Each grammatical concept is explained and then illustrated with lively sentence examples; extensive exercises offer practice at applying this knowledge in everyday conversation

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Category: Learn
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
1. The present tense 2. Ser & estar 3. Stem-changing verbs & verbs with spelling changes 4. The preterit tense 5. The imperfect tense 6. The future & conditional tenses 7. Reflective verbs 8. Passive constructions 9. The perfect tenses 10. The gerund & the progressive tenses 11. The subjunctive in noun clauses: present & present perfect subjective 12. The imperfect subjective & past perfect subjective conditional sentences 13. The subjective adverb & adjective clauses 14. Commands 15. The infinitive Part Two: Nouns and Their Modifiers; Pronouns 16. Nouns & articles 17. Adjectives 18. Demonstratives & possessives 19. Personal pronouns: subject, object, prepositional 20. Relative pronouns Part Three: Other Elements of the Sentence 21. Adverbs 22. Prepositions 23. Interrogative words & question formation 24. Negative & indefinite words 25. Numbers; dates; time Part Four: Idiomatic Usage 26. Idiom, expressions, & proverbs 27. Word formation & diminutives 28. ĦOjo! Common errors & pitfalls