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Languages > Spanish > The Standard Deviants - Spanish, The Basics
The Standard Deviants - Spanish, The Basics

The Standard Deviants - Spanish, The Basics
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DVD 90 Minutes

Learning how to speak Spanish is easy with Spanish Part 1! The Standard Deviants will begin by introducing you to the Spanish alphabet, vocabulary, and pronunciation. You will also learn greetings, punctuation, the gender of nouns and pronouns, some essential verbs, and much more. This video tape or DVD will give you the essentials to help you begin to understand the Spanish language.

Co-written by Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, Ph.D. of George Mason University and Delores Gomez-Moran, M.A. of George Mason University.

The Standard Deviants: Spanish Part One covers: Lots of vocabulary, pronounciation (vowels,tricky consonants), the Spanish alphabet, cognates, dipthongs, written accents (when to use them, why to use them), capitalization (of proper nouns, of names, of people's titles, of book titles), counting from 0 to 99, greetings (formal, informal, goodbyes), polite conversations, punctuation (question marks, exclamation marks), the gender of nouns and pronouns, definite articles, indefinite articles, pronouns (formal, informal, singular, plural, usage in Spain, usage in Latin America), the essential verb "ser", conjugating "ser", using "ser" in sentences, the essential verb "estar", using "estar" in sentences

Product ID: 109772     ISBN-13: 9781581983005     ISBN-10: 158198300X
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Learn
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: DVD
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