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Languages > Korean > The Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation Guide
The Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation Guide

The Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation Guide
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"In terms of scope, depth, and efficiency, this book reaches much beyond the limited treatments of Korean phonology found in published language course books. It is a highly valuable addition to the resources for teaching and learning Korean." --Hae-Young Kim, Duke University

"The instructions are easy to follow and systematically presented, and expose the listener to the subtle nuances of Korean as it is actually spoken in the real world." --KoreAm, April 2004

This book is a highly readable introduction to Korean pronunciation for students at all levels of proficiency. Beginners will find the information and practice they need to cross the threshold of intelligibility in Korean, while more advanced students will have the opportunity to fine-tune their pronunciation and improve their comprehension.

The Sounds of Korean focuses on the most challenging features of Korean pronunciation. Careful attention is paid to the way in which a sound's pronunciation can be modified in different contexts. The first part of the text consists of an overview and chapters on vowel and consonant sounds in Korean, adjustment processes that modify speech sounds in different positions within words and phrases, and the role of prosody in expressing meaning and emotion. The practice exercises that follow are paired with the various contrasts and adjustment processes discussed earlier. These exercises, recorded on a CD (which is available for free download from the publisher's webiste in MP3 format) by two native speakers (male and female) from Seoul, give students systematic, focused exposure to natural colloquial speech that represents the way Korean is actually spoken in the real world.

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280 pp. October 2003
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