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Languages > Thai > Learn > Grammar > Thai Language and Culture for Beginners 2
Thai Language and Culture for Beginners 2

Thai Language and Culture for Beginners 2
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“Thai Language and Culture for Beginners is developed with specific learners in mind—young college students of Thai. The author provides both standard learning tools such as grammar notes, vocabulary, translations, phonetic transcription, and relevant cultural aspects such as notes, expressions, proverbs, and songs. Included are essential survival and functional topics. The language used is an excellent model for standard Thai. The semi-authentic dialogs are appropriate for those starting out in a formal learning setting. Combined with an instructor’s dynamic teaching skills, the book is almost an assurance of the students’ success.” —Nanna Jonsson, associate professor of Thai, U.S. Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

“A welcome addition to the Thai language teaching field.” —Prawet Jantharat, professor of Thai language, SAIS–Johns Hopkins University, and language training supervisor, U.S. Foreign Service Institute

Thai Language and Culture for Beginners aims to provide a basic foundation in conversational Standard Thai for beginning learners. It focuses on developing the learners’ listening and speaking skills. Designed primarily for use in Thai as a Foreign Language classes at U.S. universities, this coursebook uses a proficiency-based approach to learning Thai and covers the daily real-life topics and situations that a student might encounter.

Use Thai Language and Culture for Beginners with the following components (included with the coursebook) to maximize effectiveness: the companion audio/video CD (in MP3 and MPEG formats) and the companion dialog video clips DVD (NTSC format).

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Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learn > Grammar
Supporting language: Thai
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
196 pp. November 2007
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