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Languages > Italian > Movies/Videos > Teorema (DVD)
Teorema (DVD)

Teorema (DVD)
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Pier Paolo Pasolini's breakthrough film, predicated on the theorem that "anything done by the bourgeoisie, however sincere and profound, and noble, is on the wrong track." Into the home of a classic bourgeois family walks in Terence Stamp, a stranger. Each one of the family--mother, father, son, daughter, maid--seeks and finds in the stranger a catalyst for the fulfillment of desire denied within the confines of the family structure. "Liberated thus by a moment of authenticity, each is left, on the visitor's departure, with a personal kind of madness, stripped naked in a symbolic desert." In Italian with English subtitles.

Product ID: 7565
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Italian
Platforms/media types: DVD
1968 -- 93 mins
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