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Languages > Sign Language > Teach Yourself Baby Signing (Book + CD)
Teach Yourself Baby Signing (Book + CD)

Teach Yourself Baby Signing (Book + CD)
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Communicate with your baby without saying a word!

Teach Yourself Baby Signing helps you enhance the bonding experience between you and your child. The accompanying CD-ROM allows you to fully understand the movements and practice baby signs with your child.

Table of contents

1 The history and principles of baby signing 2 The early basics 3 The next steps 4 Encouraging signing children at home and in childcare 5 Emotional development Chapter 6 Signing with older children 7 Signing dictionary--DVD resource

Biographical note

Sing and Sign is a leading baby signing organization that has taught hundreds of parents how to communicate with their children through enjoyable signing exercises and games.

Product ID: 501855
Categories: Kids, Learn, Sign Language
Supporting language: Sign Language
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, DVD
  • Date July 24, 2008
  • Format Mixed media product, 192 pages